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I had to consider for some time if I should dedicate a page to Australia alone.   Then the importance of Australia to the migration of our human ancestors settled the situation.   The Haplogroup "C" that originated in East Africa 50,000 years ago was taken thru Southeast Asia to Australia was also taken up the Asian coast to the Americas.   The latest news remarks that the date of arrival in Australia was as far back as 70,000 years.   The devastation of the Toba super eruption is given various dates from 75 Kya to 70 Kya.  The eruption affected weather patterns around the earth for some time and came close to extinguishing our ancestors completely.   Human ancestors must have struggles desperately for a few hundred years to repopulate.   There must have been some serious fights to protect your groups Mothers and children.   The advantage would have been in preemptive strikes to eliminate dangerous male rivals.
I am a bit exasperated considering my original theory on the route set by the migration path to Australia.  Something that has been staring me in the face all along is the disbursement of the language spoken by the austronesians.  That language is spoken in almost all the South Pacific islands from Madagascar to Easter Island called the Polynesian Triangle or Oceania.   It is not spoken in Australia or New Zealand Ė is that because there were too many fierce animals there or because someone already lived there and either converted new comers, or killed them, in a world so thinly populated as 50 Kyr I would think the women at least would have been welcomed.   So has anyone done DNA tracking for the native New Zealand population.

Iíll keep looking but itís not a priority and the question may outlive me.

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shows Toba magma system's great size - 5/16/17



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