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We normally think of Cro-Magnon people as an ancient peoples lost in the past - not so, look in the mirror, we are all Cro-Magnon.   Someone has renamed us as "modern-man", I think that designates skeletal form only.  However, DNA assigns a person specifically to a genetic group and we are still who we were 45,000 years ago.   Paleoarcheologist have broken us into three basic groups: Hunter-gathers (Mesolithic and Neolithic eras),  Farmers (Neolithic era), Metal age invaders (Bronze age) genetic populations.  Much can be learned at

When referring to DNA then we are multiple and numerous genetic populations.   To see a migration path for different genetic populations go to (oops sorry you need to me a member)  But, there is a Haplogroup migration map at -- I am R1b and this shows the changes in my ancestors DNA as they migrated Northward passing from DNA Adam thru B thru C thru F thru K thru P thru R terminating in R1b.   As DNA changed the old DNA devolved to allow the new DNA to manifest its destiny.   C types split their destination and went to India, Indonesia, Australia, and the Americas, while Q split off going farther northwest and Northeast to the Americas.

Notice that A, B, and E stayed in Africa, and no one outside Africa carries those genes.  Except perhaps those that the stronger black tribes rounded up and sold into slavery.   So if one was in a small weak tribal group and the strong tribe wanted your land then you were toast, and that has been true throughout human history.

Seventy years ago the world endured a war that clamed the lives of about 56 million people.
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Genetically there is no difference between these ancestors and ourselves.  Dressed in modern clothing you could not pick them out of a crowd.

Cro-magnon Woman

Cro-Magnon Man

Cro-Magnon Man

Cro-magnon Man

Cro-Magnon Woman

Cro-Magnon Man

Cro-Magnon Woman and Child

Cro-Magnon Woman

Cro-Magnon Man image

Why Neanderthal man went extinct

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