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I'm currently working on this very controversial chapter.   It covers things Sitchin wrote about, it will eventually cover details about the massive library found in a Sumerian dig.   This library tells of the development of Homo sapiens. --- It does not disagree with an omnipotent spiritual God developing everything in the universe and on earth including themselves.   But it does tell of Extra Terrestrials interfering with primate DNA to develop Homo sapiens.

By including this chapter I do not intend to contradict the existance of or the need for a omnipotent spiritual God.  I have my own experience in that area that proves to me there is in fact an omnipotent God and that we can receive help in the most trying circumstances as long as one is able to tune into what I call God's word which causes the existance of all things I cannot comprehend.

My father was a very religious man, Deacon of our church, gave the Church closing payer each Sunday, and we studied the bible almost every night when he was not away working some where.

GENESIS 1:26: Let US make man in OUR image - I was always conflicted by this passage and I have yet to hear a logical explanation from learned clergy or laymen.  Some say it means The father The Son, and The Holy Ghost, I have not heard that the Holy Ghost or the Father has an image and no man should be so arrogant as to attempt to depict one for them.  Since the Son was born a physical being we (more or less) know his image.  And the Anunnaki are depicted in the Sumerian tablets, and we do indeed look like them.

If the Anunnaki were in fact ETs, and they were the ones that modified our DNA to look like them that would explain why they married earth women.  The Anunnaki are supposed to live thousands of years, something to do with the planet they were born on, but children born on earth did not have that long life.  It seem they also knew of the coming flood and evacuated all the home born people, leaving all the earth born to die, makes them stinkers don't it.  But supposedly they did come back and help rebuild.  

It came to pass that the Anunnaki of earth split into groups each group having earth followers, some rebelled against the leaders on the home planet, made weapons and taught war to their earthlings.  From that time on we have been at war with each other.

These are the ones I call "the Spanish" because - remembering Spanish history when they arrived in the Americas the Incas and Aztec thought they were the Anunnaki returning and at first revered them.  But these Spanish were mercenaries after gold and eventually destroyed the two greatest civilization in the Americas.  Remember the tribes of the Americas had no immunity to the diseases carried by the Europeans and thousands perished, it was not all death by sword.   The greatest damage done by the Spanish separate of that was the priest burning the great libraries of untold knowledge, knowledge of astronomy and medicine that was very much advanced over the Europeans - terrible loss and we know of this because at least one mercenary took a number of these books back to Spain where they were eventually discovered.
This next area of thought is going to be very controversial - Some may condemn it as Blasphemy because it seems to contradict the interpretation of the Christian Bible by some of the most powerful within the Christian hierarchy for well over 2 thousand years.  In time past one would be executed for such statements.

It is a most compelling argument against Homo sapiens evolving from apes or monkeys.

As these pages develop they will provide physical evidence for the reasoning that drives this kind of logic.

To add to this controversy look up the people called Anunnaki and also Sumerian tablets.  During excavation of a Sumerian site was found thousands of clay tablets that caused a tremendous disturbance when they were finally translated.  These documents were everyday business transactions.  But many explained a new people that came from the sky and taught earth populations about astronomy, health and healing, crop farming, and animal husbandry.

But the tablets also tells that these star travelers modified the DNA of the current denizens such as the Australopithecus mixing the travelers DNA with the earth primates until they produced a homo sapiens.  They needed beings of intelligence and strong, but not too intelligent and not to strong so they would follow orders.  The tablets are saying homo sapiens were produced to work in the mines in place of the travelers.  It seems these travelers lived to be thousands of years old and working in the gold mines a thousand years got to be really tiring - so they rebelled and forced the leaders to produce a slave to do the mining.

The medical staff eventually developed us, but with a much shorter life span so we could not become "a god - that is, one of them".

Some time ago I read what at first looked to be a novel of pure fiction - some of it still looks that way, yet there are parts that have been expanded on by videos at -
and origins of man on earth, the real truth -  
and Modern Discoveries Prove Human Origins are Not What We Think.

Today I was thinking if our DNA was manipulated to become homo sapiens where did our spirits come from, then I found this link:   It reads as not original English - but that's alright too just give some leeway for the difference.